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André Jeitz

Born in Luxembourg in 1954

Lives & works in Luxembourg

There are three kinds of people : dreamers, thinkers and doers. André is definitely the latter, so it comes as no surprise that while his classmates painted one little drawing he draws ten paintings two meters by two meters exploring and experimenting with texture and color. It comes as no surprise neither, that he exposes for the first time at the age of 14 and that at the age of 18 he is represented in the renowned luxemburgish exhibition of the Grand Theatre. Imagine the art professor's surprise while visiting the exhibition with the class. André never got good grades in his class again! He is passionate about colors and texture and can spend hours finding the right color blend to fit in his painting or to find the right texture that can illuminate his color combination.


  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Liège (Belgium)

  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels (Belgium)

Grants & Awards 

  • Recognition price at the European Art Exhibition Strasbourg (France)

  • Medal in bronze at the European Academy of Arts


  • Galerie Hibou, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie St. Michel, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie Marly, Luxembourg (G.d. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie Blue Bird, Liège (Belgium)

  • Pavillon Source Kind, Mondorf-les-Bains (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Hôtel Meurice, Paris (France)

  • Galerie Vendôme, Paris (France)

  • Theaterstuff, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Brenner's Park Hotel, Baden-Baden (Germany)

  • Goodyear , Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie d'Art Municipale, Esch/Alzette (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie d'Art Am Duerf, Steinsel (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie La Colombe d’Or Art Gallery, Houston, Texas (USA)

  • Cercle Munster Luxembourg


  • Théâtre Municipal de Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Théâtre Municipal d'Esch/Alzette (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Orangerie, Mondorf-les-Bains (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie St. Michel, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Galerie Marly, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Hôtel Sheraton, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Salon des Antiquaires, Foires du Kirchberg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Art Contemporain Luxembourgeois, Wilwerwiltz (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Salons Cercle Artistique Luxembourg, (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Académie Européenne des Arts, Luxembourg (G.D. of Luxembourg)

  • Salon International de l'Académie Européenne des Arts, Paris (France)

  • 7ème ARTSMANIF Lux Expo The Box

  • Galerie op der KAP Académie Européenne des Arts (Luxembourg)


France: Metz, Longwy, Yutz, Contz-les-Bains, Strasbourg

Germany: Nennig, Karlsruhe

Luxembourg: Wasserbillig, Remich, Grevenmacher, Schengen, Hespérange, Walferdange

Private Collections



St. Paul de Vence





New York

Houston, Texas

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